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Diary of a Musician’s Daughter
Ellen Sheffield , Author

young, empowered & self-aware
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Diary of a Musician’s Daughter is a compelling narrative which details the life and times of Ellen Sheffield and her famous dad, Leslie Sheffield. Ellen movingly portrays the struggles of growing up in a house divided in which she was deeply affected by her mother’s religious dogma and her father’s desire to play jazz. Pressured by her mother, Ellen was not only expected to devote her talents to the Church, but she was never to pursue a musician’s lifestyle. Yet, being intensely influenced by her father, his music, and a need to perform, Ellen juggled a life rooted in both worlds. In the midst of this journey, Ellen discovered the best and worst that life can offer. Her story is one of triumph, failure, and, ultimately, a new beginning. Somewhere within the pages of this book, you will discover your own truth.