Ashley Knuckles is a senior at Oklahoma City University studying Communications with Public Relations and Print Media emphases and a minor in French. A native of Liberia, West Africa, she came to America with her family in 1995 due to the Liberian Civil War. At OCU, she is active on her campus as a leader in the Black Student Association, Sisterhood of African American Students, and Kappa Phi Christian Sisterhood. She also writes for the university’s student publications, sits on the President’s Advisory Council on Diversity, and attended the Big XII conference on Black Student Government. Ashley has had experience with marketing as a tele-recruiter for her school, interning at the United Way and with her student organizations.

Because of hardships she and her family faced as refugees from the Liberian Civil War, she has experienced and seen the difference care for your fellow man can make. She wants to dedicate her life to spreading that message. She is passionate about helping people and lives by this philosophy: “You are your brother’s keeper; you have no choice.”

She believes that young people can become empowered and self-aware through opportunities to gain education and through mentorship. She wants her generation to learn to stand for something and have confidence in their ability to achieve.




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Ashley Knuckles, Marketing Director

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